Optimized Systems was hired by Omaha Public Schools (OPS) to help troubleshoot and resolve problems encountered with newly installed mechanical systems early in Phase I of the Bond Program. Based on the success of these efforts and the likelihood of similar problems going forward, OPS contracted with Optimized Systems to serve as the commissioning agent for all mechanical and HVAC control systems at 15 schools.

In addition to commissioning, Optimized Systems was asked to assist in the development of mechanical and controls standards to improve consistency, efficiency and maintainability of the new systems. Because the projects involved multiple contractors and requirements that varied significantly in size, scope and complexity, Optimized Systems worked with the contractors to ensure all mechanical systems were install and operable in accordance with design requirements. Optimized Systems also verified that the Building Automation System (BAS) at each school was properly installed and configured and that system graphics and alarms adhered to the District’s standards, making operation and maintenance of the buildings as simple as possible for the facilities staff.

Working as a partner with the Bond Program team, Optimized Systems was often called upon to troubleshoot and recommend solutions and value-engineering options for various design, construction and operational issues encountered during Phase I.