Every building needs an advocate. Who’s yours?

Building systems that are operated and maintained properly perform better, use less energy, and last longer. But the staffing required to make this happen – month after month, year after year – can be expensive. That’s why Optimized Systems offers advocation services: flexible support options specifically geared toward helping you sustain your building’s performance and efficiency, at a cost that makes sense.

Making Maintenance Easy

Keeping your building systems running dependably and efficiently often requires more time and technical know-how than many owners have the staffing resources for. That’s why we offer Building Advocation Services — flexible, cost-effective options for ensuring your system is properly maintained, your occupants are comfortable and safe, and your energy savings persist.

We know everybody has different needs and budgets. So, we work with you to determine exactly what your needs are and how they can be met cost-effectively. Maybe you have staff who only change filters and perform basic controls functions. Optimized Systems can support you by performing the more complicated operations and maintenance needs. Even if don’t have facility staff at all, Optimized Systems can provide everything from basic maintenance to full facility operations.

Contact us for a no-cost inspection of your facility and let’s discuss how Optimized System can be a cost-effective advocate for your building.

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“Optimized Systems helped us better understand our system and keep it operating efficiently. In addition to caring about our energy bills and system maintenance, they also cared about our mission and the girls we serve. We truly value our continuing partnership with them.”

Roberta Wilhelm
Executive Director
Girls, Inc.

Common Components of Building Advocation