That means safer, more comfortable occupants and lower operating costs.

Affordable Improvements With Quick Paybacks

Most buildings can achieve significant energy and cost savings with targeted improvements. Whether your building is older or brand new, our proven optimization methods selectively target cost-saving opportunities in your building to generate the most savings for the least investment.

Optimization always begins with the goal of increasing your system’s energy efficiency by at least 25%, while also improving indoor air quality, occupant comfort and safety, and equipment life. Then, a thorough evaluation is performed of your mechanical, electrical and building automation systems to identify deficiencies and inefficiencies that may be causing excessive energy consumption, poor heating and/or cooling performance, and excessive repairs and maintenance. Once all the cost-saving opportunities are identified and paybacks evaluated, our team works with your team to develop an implementation plan that makes sense for you, your budget, and how you use your facility.

Optimization makes sense for buildings that are more than a year old and whose equipment has more than a few years of remaining life. And the larger the building and more complex the system, the more sense it makes.

Get started now. In one no-cost site visit we will assess your energy-saving potential and explain how to capture it.

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“In some of our buildings on campus, we were getting around 2,000 alarms every day. Once they optimized those buildings, we were down to only the most crucial, critical alarms that need our focus and attention.”

Wes Walling
Director of MEP Operations

Creighton University

Training Matters

An important part of optimization projects is the education and training Optimized Systems provides your building staff on any new improvements, as well as how to successfully operate and maintain your system. With well trained staff, your building will perform efficiently for years to come. Don’t have the staffing resources you need? No problem. We will team with you and provide the level of support you need, for as long as you need it.

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The Heart of the Matter

At the heart of any successful optimization project are the building automation controls. And because today’s equipment and automation controls are so advanced, few companies have the collective expertise necessary to understand the entire system, let alone how to optimize its performance. That’s why Optimized Systems’ team includes highly skilled controls specialists who are trained, certified and thoroughly experienced in programming all major building automation systems. And because we are independent, we can support you regardless of what kind of equipment you have or who your vendors are.