Go Big. Save Big.

Most experts agree, comprehensive energy projects save the most energy overall. They are attractive because they pay for themselves and generate surplus savings – dollars that can be used for better, more important purposes.

Building Improvements That Pay

Comprehensive energy projects save big energy because they include replacement of existing equipment and infrastructure with new and efficient equipment. They also include behavioral change and data analytics to ensure energy savings and building performance persist. Alternative and renewable energy sources may also be considered.

Our projects start with a no-cost preliminary assessment of your facility to determine the potential for energy savings and a discussion of your goals and objectives. If it makes sense to proceed, an in-depth, investment-grade evaluation is performed, providing the basis for a comprehensive energy strategy. Detailed financial modeling shows the savings to be gained over the life of the improvements, and the energy savings can be guaranteed.  Detailed financial and construction plans govern implementation of the project, using a portion of the future energy savings to pay for the improvements.

A comprehensive approach makes the most sense for owners who are carrying  deferred maintenance liability on the books and when existing equipment is approaching the end of its serviceable life. With a good plan and the right team, you can vastly improve your facilities, save energy and significantly lower your operating costs — producing savings that can be used for better, more meaningful purposes.

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As Your Advocate

Energy solutions that offer guaranteed savings often involve contracts with provisions that can have significant cost implications for owners if things don’t go according to plan. Implications that are hard to anticipate until it’s too late. If you are considering performance contracting for an energy project, Optimized Systems can provide you with an independent, un-biased review of your energy improvement plan and contractual agreement to ensure you, the owner, are protected too.