Optimized Systems was hired by Mutual of Omaha’s East Campus Realty to evaluate energy saving options for one of its tenants, a neighborhood grocer. Grocery stores rank among the highest energy consumers per square foot of all commercial buildings due to the amount of refrigerated equipment, lighting and extended operating hours. The project goals were to reduce energy consumption and secure energy rebates while improving the environmental experience for the store’s customers.

Assessment of he mechanical systems and historical utility data identified four viable Energy Conservation Measures, which involved adjustments to various system components and programming enhancements for the operating sequences. In some instances, components were working in direct opposition to other components, causing the system to work much harder and longer than necessary, with limited chances of being successful, especially in extreme conditions.

In addition to obtaining a $12,850 rebate for the client from the local utility company, implementation of the Energy Conservation Measures, which involved no new equipment, resulted in energy savings for the tenant of 10.2%. The optimization also resolved humidity and condensation issues that had plagued the store.