Fresh Air: How Much is Too Much?

“More fresh air!”  is among the top battle cries in the assault against indoor airborne coronavirus. But is your building struggling from too much fresh air? In the desperate rush to lower the risk of airborne transmission of the coronavirus in schools and the workplace, maximizing outside air is a great place to start. It […]

New Tool for COVID-19 Building Risk Assessment & Reduction Guidance

Is your building’s HVAC system helping or hurting the spread of COVID-19 in your building? The debate is raging: How much is COVID-19 spread through airborne transmission? While this risk was generally thought to be low, 239 scientists are now convinced that airborne transmission is an important pathway for the spread of the Coronavirus (1), […]

COVID Risk Mitigation Guidance for Non-Healthcare Facility Operators

With our communities preparing to re-open from the coronavirus shutdown, we have received numerous inquiries lately about what, if anything, should be done in the way of building operations to minimize the risk of transmitting COVID. We’ve checked out what some of the industry experts are saying about this and synthesized that information through Optimized […]