Scott Erlenbusch

Project Specialist


Certified Commissioning Professional (CCP)

Numerous technical training credentials

Career Summary

Scott joined Optimized Systems in 2018 with seven years of experience in mechanical systems operations, maintenance and repair in healthcare facilities. As a member of the Energy Team at a major university medical center, also served in project management roles for energy optimization, system repair and system commissioning projects of various sizes and complexity. Prior to his healthcare facilities experience, Scott compiled more than 20 years of experience configuring, maintaining, repairing and operating various specialized equipment in the publishing and electrical components manufacturing industries. Scott’s collective experience has made him exceptionally effective at assessing, repairing and improving the overall operability of mechanical system components, from Building Automation System (BAS) controls to air handlers and all components in between.


Scott is a husband, father, and proud grandfather! While he enjoys the outdoors, fishing and shooting sports, Scott really enjoyed the many seasons he helped coach his daughter’s softball teams. With a new protege, Scott may attempt to reignite his coaching career!