Rick Harris

Advocation, Commissioning,


Education: B.S. Business Administration, Bellevue University; A.A.S. Business Management, Metropolitan Community College
Professional Experience: 20+ years – Facilities management and planning, facilities maintenance, project management, plant operations and HVAC installation

Career Summary

Rick came to Optimized Systems in 2015 after occupying more than 16 years of facilities management and plant operations leadership roles. Rick’s project experience ranges from implementing small maintenance and repair projects to owner representation roles in larger construction projects where he handled post-occupancy testing and operation. Since joining Optimized Systems, Rick has been involved in numerous energy optimization and commissioning projects, with special emphasis on startup operations and educating and training clients’ building staff. Rick oversees the company’s Commissioning and Building Advocation services in schools, colleges, churches, theaters, non-profits and multi-purpose buildings throughout the community.


Rick, a husband and father of three boys, often volunteers as an assistant coach for youth sports. He also volunteers for the Alzheimer’s Association as a fund raiser and the Open Door Mission. With three active boys, Rick could use a a few volunteers to help with family logistics.