Nick Combs



Education: Mechanical Engineering Technology, Southern Ohio College
Certifications: APPA, Facilities Management Institute
Professional Experience: 38+ years – Facilities management with emphasis on HVAC-R, building automation controls, commissioning, project management, energy optimization

Career Summary

Nick joined Optimized Systems in 2015 with more than 38 years of experience in facility and HVAC systems operations and maintenance, including large central plant utility operations. Prior to his position at Optimized Systems, Nick compiled more than 35 years of diverse facilities operations experience in medical, educational and research-type facilities for a major university medical center. During his tenure at the medical center, Nick managed the installation, commissioning, operation, repair and maintenance of nearly every type and brand of building system equipment and controls. Nick is highly regarded for his experience with VRF systems and is often sought for his insightful, hands-on experience and troubleshooting abilities. He is also credited with the design, implementation and operation of a highly successful campus-wide building automation system. Beginning with his early experience as a radio repair specialist in the United States Air Force and throughout his career, Nick has investigated and championed many new system technologies and is recognized for his expertise with all types of HVAC and building automation controls.


Since his service in the United States Air Force, Nick has been an active volunteer for the local SID board, as well as a youth bowling coach for 17 years. Nick and his wife are high-energy empty-nesters who don’t know what it means to chill out.