Kaity Szymborski

Project Assistant


B.S. Mathematics, Creighton University (May 2020)
B.S. Sustainable Energy Sciences, Creighton University (May 2020)


Kaity started working for Optimized Systems as an intern in 2019, working on projects involving energy data. Ambitious, smart and capable, Kaity stayed on with the company part time after her internship. She graduates from Creighton University in May of 2020 and, while her career path is still evolving, Kaity’s fascination with math and her passion for energy sustainability has her thinking about something where data and energy intersect.


On the side, Kaity is the musical director for an all girls a capella group. She is also vice president of the Trail Blazers, an outdoor club at Creighton University. Kaity enjoys the outdoors and hiking, which served her well as a student.